Cafe Show Paris 2023Cafe Show Paris 2023

Cafe Show in Paris!

The globally recognized trade show in
coffee & F&B industry will be held in Paris,
the hub of Europe and city of renowned cafe culture.

Why Paris?

Hub of Europe

World’s largest coffee market

Paris is the hub of Europe, the world’s largest coffee market. Since 2018, Europe has been gathering more than a third of the global coffee consumption.

French Cafe Culture

Assured consumption & market stability

Coffee, with its cultural and historical significance, is an important part of daily life in France. In addition, the ensemble of coffee with highly advanced baked goods promises the world a bright future in cafe culture.

Blooming Diversity

Market potential with rising trends and shifting patterns

Coffee consumers in France nowadays search for quality and value rather than volume. Not to mention, their pursuit of more sustainable and ethical options for coffee consumption is on the rise.

Exhibitors (2023)

To be updated

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Cafe Show Paris 2023
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