Cafe Show Paris 2023Cafe Show Paris 2023


World Coffee Leaders Forum

Internationally prestigious coffee conference
will arrive in Europe for the first time!

Global coffee knowledge sharing platform full of valuable insight on global key coffee issues

Sharing Ideas

WCLF is a global platform to share the knowledge and expertise of coffee. As a well-established event, it offers plenty of opportunities for the participants to communicate with each other and build a strong network.

Thought-provoking Speech

In WCLF, respected coffee leaders from all around the world gathers to present creative ideas and innovative solutions for rising issues, trends and crisis in the industry.

Colorful Sessions for All

WCLF programs the various sessions for all people of the coffee industry. Our technical session, world coffee adventure session, business session, and world youth coffee leaders forum brings people from different sectors altogether.

Cafe Show Paris 2023
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