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Step 1

Click here to book a stand and Fill out the online application form.

Step 2

Submit a scanned copy of the signed application via email to

Step 3

Receive a confirmation email and invoice from Cafe Show Paris.

Step 4

Complete the payment as instructed on the invoice.

* Submitting signed application contact is mandatory to confirm exhibitor’s participation.
* Should you need more information about participation, please contact the secretariat at

Registration Deadline

Early-Bird Application (10% Discount)

5th November 2021

General Application

By 11th March 2022

Booth Types & Detail

Classification Price** Detail Visual
Space only *
"Raw Space"
(from 18 sqm minimum)
300 €/sqm

Space Only

(Registration Fees excluded)

Shell Scheme Booth
(from 9 sqm minimum)
410 €/sqm

Wooden Wall (Black)

Carpet (Grey)

Fascia Board (with your color sector)

Lighting ***

* Booked surface has to be a multiple of 9 sqm. (minimum)
** Excl. the mandatory registration fees. Please note that the registration fees package (incl. management of your participation fees) is mandatory for any participation.
※ Additional Stand Fittings Option can be added up to exhibitors’ Application.
※ Additional Technical Utilities (incl. POWER SUPPLY) can be purchased during designated application period. (from 1st Dec 2021)

Discount Policy

Discount Rate:

* applied to Raw Space price

** allowed up to 20%

Classification Discount Rate Discount Price/sqm Deadline
Early Bird Registration 10% Applied to Raw
Space Price
30 €/sqm By 5th November 2021
Brand Show
Cafe Show Seoul 5% 15 €/sqm -
Cafe Show Vietnam 5% 15 €/sqm -

Mandatory Registration Fees

Classification Price Detail
Registration Fees 800€

Participation Management :

- Registration
- 24/24h online access to a private exhibitor area to manage your registration
- 1 printed official show guide provided
- Exhibitors' badges provided (the number of badges may vary according the size of booth.)
- 1 parking spot
- Access to VIP club and Business centre at the venue

Visibility :

-Registration to the show multi-media catalogue (paper, website, mobile site) (name and stand number)
- Online catalogue: link to the exhibitor’s website
- Exhibitor’s name and stand number on printed documents (lists and floor map) on site
- Media-Kit CAFE SHOW PARIS (mail signature and web banner customizable with your company name and your stand number)

Business targeting :

- Invitations upto 150
- 1 VIP Badge

Corner option

Allocation policies* Price
2 open sides booth from 9sqm 400 €
3 open sides booth from 18sqm 700 €
Island stand from 36sqm 1,000 €

* Subject to floor map availabilities

Payment policies

Payment Schedule

Deposit/ 1st instalment (50% of the participation fee): Deposit must be submitted within a week (7 days) after the participation acceptance.

The remaining balance (50%) must be fully paid by 11th March 2022.

Country of Tax exemption

Under the law of Value Added Tax(VAT) Standard regulation 25-0-1 [Range of Tax Exemption Country,
If your country is not a part of the Country of Tax exemption, 10% VAT from total participation fee will be charged.


Payment Method

Payment should be completed by Bank Transfer only. The remittance charge and the intermediary bank commission must be paid by the exhibitors.

Bank Details :

Beneficiary (Account Holder) : EXPORUM Inc.
- Bank : Citi Bank
- Account Number : 163-07356-432-01
- Swift Code : CITIKRSXXXX

* Please note that all payments should be made in Euros.

Cancellation policies

Penalty on Cancellation and Reduction of Participation
If the Exhibitor were to cancel its participation or reduces its surface after the contract is submitted, the Exhibitor shall notify the Organizer in written statement the reason for cancellation and or reduction.
The penalty prescribed in the following shall be paid to the Organizer within 15 days of cancellation and or reduction:

Cancellation or reduction made on the day of contract submission 5th November 2021 : 50% of the total or reduced participation fee paid to the Organizer as penalty

Cancellation or reduction made between 6th November 2021 ~ 31st January 2022 : 80% of the total or reduced participation fee paid to the Organizer as penalty

Cancellation or reduction made From 1st February 2022 : 100% of the total or reduced participation fee paid to the Organizer as penalty.

Application Period & Payment Deadline

  Application Period Deposit(50%) Due Balance(50%)
Early-Bird ~ 5th November 2021 Deposit : 50%
(Within 1 week of submission)
~ 11th March 2022
General ~ 11th March 2022

Stand fittings Options

Options Description Price Visual
Storage 1sqm Storage 300 €
Furniture Set A
(Basic Set)
1 Table + 3 Chairs
(Color Black/White)
270 €
Furniture Set B
(Full Set)
1 Table + 3 Chairs,
1 Reception Desk,
1 Bar Stool,
1 Brochure Shelf
(Color Black/White)
540 €

Additional Facilities

Classification Description Price Note
Electricity Single Phase 220V
Three Phase 220V
Three Phase 380V
To Be Decided ※ For 3 days
Apply at Exhibitor Management System
Telephone For Local Call
For Int’l Call
To Be Decided
Water & Drainage - To Be Decided
LAN - To Be Decided
Compressed Air - To Be Decided
Visitor Registration System - To Be Decided

Other Service


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